Omniyat Sets Record with AED 139M Sale of Penthouse in Burj Khalifa District

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With an outstanding and extensive portfolio, Omniyat Real Estate Development is a privately owned company that is truly a forward-thinking company.  Since, its inception in 2005 Omniyat has been crafting unique, commercial, hospitality, retail and top-tier residential spaces that are redefining the premium living experience. Among various other milestones achieved by Omniyat, recently it has set the record for a penthouse sale. The penthouse in Burj Khalifa District was sold for the soaring amount of AED 139M.. In this blog, we will shed light on Omniyat developers their expertise in real estate and how they achieved the groundbreaking record of selling penthouses for this massive price.

Omniyat Real Estate Development Sets Record for Penthouse sale

Let’s dive deep into the Omniyat company profile and gain more interesting insights into the prestigious developer and this historic record of penthouse sale for AED 139M.

Legacy of Omniyat Developers in Dubai

Omniyat developers remained at the forefront when it came to offering exclusive and exquisite properties in Dubai. Penthouse in Burj Khalifa District which was sold for AED 139M is one of the uncountable successful and record-breaking projects offered by Omniyat.

The precision and the exceptional thought behind every project is the vision of Omniyat which they craft in residential projects. Besides each of the properties offers prestigious living and redefined the sophisticated lifestyle.

Omniyat always considers the best for its buyers and for that, it collaborates with renowned interior designers, architects and artists to distinguish their projects. Following are some of the stunning projects by Omniyat developers.

  • Dorchester Collection Dubai
  • Anwa Aria by Omniyat
  • One Business Bay
  • Bayswater Tower
  • AVA by Omniyat

Milestone Achieved by Omniyat- Breath taking and Historic Penthouse Sale


As of May Omniyat developers have achieved the ground breaking sale of a Penthouse at The Lana Residence, Dorchester Collection, Dubai for a staggering AED 139M. This massive sale made by Omniyat marks the biggest high-end property ever sold in the District of Burj Khalifa.

This also showcased the Omniyat being the pioneer of ultra-luxury living in the Gulf region by redefining exclusive living. According to a reputable source, this sale also represented an undiminished commitment to excellence by Omniyat.

As the luxury penthouse in Dubai, the one sold by Omniyat for AED 139M offers scenes that are one-of-a-kind enclaves in the waterfront sanctuary.  This penthouse offers a complete transformation of the lifestyle and will shift your focus and living for elite living.


The exquisite penthouse sold by Omniyat spans over 16,594 sq. ft offering stunning views of Marasi Bay Marin. Residents of this prestigious and luxurious residence can also enjoy the views of the Dubai skyline.

While commenting on the successful selling of a Penthouse in Dubai for AED 139M Chairman and Founder of Omniyat said:

“This is more than just a property. It’s a sanctuary in which every detail has been thoughtfully curated to evoke a melodious balance. With the pivotal launch of the hotel and the handover of the last of the remaining residences available in this beautiful property, we have further delivered on our potential to create projects that redefine and elevate the concept of ultra-luxurious living and reinforce Dubai’s global reputation for contribution experiences unrivalled elsewhere in the world.”

The signature touch of Omniyat is what you will experience at this sold penthouse in Burj Khalifa District. The bespoken interiors by Gilles & Biossier design, a spacious area, incorporated natural and world-class elements and lighting.

Previous Outstanding Penthouse Sales by Omniyat – Delivery from the Start


Omniyat real estate property developers are aware of the market and how to deliver what is highly demand by the buyers. The record-setting trend of Omniyat for exclusive and sophisticated sales is not the first time they have won the hearts of all the stakeholders. Following are some of the previous projects that were successfully sold with soaring prices:

  • A penthouse at One at Palm Jumeirah for AED 102 million in 2017
  • The Sky Palace at AVA at Palm Jumeirah was sold for AED 220 million in 2023

According to Mahdi Amjad the founder and Executive Chairman of Omniyat:

“We’re reimagining Marasi Bay with a dream to create an unparalleled ecosystem for global citizens. Specially for those seeking an uber-luxurious way of living. It will live and breathe as a place of immersive discovery, curated by OMNIYAT as a new epicentre of eminent lifestyle experiences in a globally significant location. These ambitions deeply reflect OMNIYAT’s beliefs of merging ultra-luxury with curated living, further contributing to the city’s economic, aesthetic, and cultural footprint,”


This record-breaking sale of a penthouse in Burj Khalifa District by Omniyat is the representation of delivering the exceptional residence. There are uncountable features of this penthouse by Omniyat that justify its worth of including stunning views, exclusive interiors, well-planned architecture and convenience of living. Through this sale, Omniyat has once again proved its domination in Dubai real estate.

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