Why Indians are Buying Dubai Luxury Real Estate?

  • 5 months ago
Indians have become the best and the top real estate buyers of Dubai leaving behind Britons and Russians.

Dubai luxury real estate investment in UAE, is prominently elevated by the esteeming Indian investment in this real estate hub. A numerous variety of real estate properties have enticed these investors. Indian purchasers’ interest increased when the Golden Visa program was introduced. A Golden visa is an amazing opportunity to gain five years of permanent residence and if shown property worth of AED 2 million, a ten year permanent residence can also be given which is in fact a greatest opportunity to own a property in Dubai. The elevating rentals and prices for properties in Dubai, Indians are more likely to invest in this real estate hub rather than opting any other state.

Dubai luxury real estate investment is the most beneficial option for getting good ROI.

Reasons Making Indians Invest in Dubai Luxury Real Estate

The city’s magnificent atmosphere yielding visa opportunity, tax benefits and other fantastic features such as capital appreciation and capital gains, Indian investors have more likely to shift their investment prospectus to this amazing city. Following reasons can be accounted as Indians prioritising Dubai as their first and most valuable real estate investment choice.

1. High Rentals

Due to the increased demand, prices and rentals for real estate in Dubai have significantly increased. In particular, the price of luxury homes increased dramatically by about 50% in June. With this accomplishment, Dubai has been the top-ranked city in the world for the eighth consecutive quarter regarding the price of luxury homes. As per the Times of India, this is a spectacular 225% gain from the low point of the epidemic reached in the third quarter of 2020. To gain maximum rentals and predict the elevation of property prices, Indian investors have made significant contributions to Dubai luxury real estate.

2. Better Return on Investment & Golden Visa

According to the Times of India, Most investors in Dubai’s real estate sector are now Indians. In the second and third quarters of this year, Indians have overcome other nationalities to take the top rank, according to the Betterhomes Residential Market Report, which ET cited. British investors were in the lead earlier this year. This change in rankings is because Indian consumers are looking for a higher return on their investment and to be eligible for a golden visa.

3. Off Plan Property Investments for a Profitable Future

According to News 18, Hundreds of purchasers lined up early on Wednesday in the intense heat to purchase opulent properties on Palm Jebel Ali, the largest yet undeveloped island in Dubai. Many of them were Indian. These villas are going for ten times the original price proposed twenty years ago, but the project was never completed.

According to a story published in Bloomberg, investors and brokers were observed outside the Nakheel PJSC sales centre, which sells five- to seven-bedroom homes in the underdeveloped Palm Jebel Ali. The cheapest parcels of land are selling for roughly AED 40 million, which is an estimated Rs 90.30 crore; homes start at AED  18.7 million ($5.1 million), an estimated Rs 42.21 crore.

Indians are buying off plan homes at a rising rate because they see them as a unique real estate opportunity that could lead to better things in the future. This pattern demonstrates the strategic insight of Indian investors looking to gain long-term advantages in the vibrant Dubai real estate market. Off-plan investments present Indians with a unique chance to acquire prospective properties and profit from a future appreciation for a happy future.

4. Top Areas with High Sales Enticing Indians to Buy Dubai Luxury Real Estate

According to Emirates 24/7, the following are the areas with super real estate transactions:

  • Dubai Marina: AED36.7 billion
  • Palm Jumeirah: AED28.51 billion
  • Jebel Ali Industrial First: AED27.93 billion
  • Wadi Al Safa 3: AED25.33 billion
  • Business Bay: AED20.08 billion
  • Burj Khalifa: AED17.86 billion
  • El Merkadh: AED14.53 billion
  • Al Khairan First: AED13.81 billion
  • Hadaeq Mohammed bin Rashid: AED13.6 billion in
  • Jebel Ali First: AED12.91 billion

Indian investors have been drawn to these desirable places by the large-scale real estate deals. The remarkable numbers, particularly in Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, and other notable areas, have drawn Indian investors looking for chances to make significant cash gains. These regions have become famous for Indian investors in Dubai’s thriving real estate market due to the prospect of large profits.

Indians have become the best and the top real estate buyers of Dubai leaving behind Britons and Russians.


Several variables contribute to a favourable investment atmosphere in Dubai luxury real estate for Indians. They have become the most popular real estate buyers in Dubai because of a strong economy and tax-free atmosphere. Indian investors looking for significant returns find Dubai to be an alluring option. Indian buyers have been purchasing real estate at an increasing rate due to the possibility of making large profits from the sale and rental of homes and the likelihood of enormous capital appreciation. This significant investment from Indian investors demonstrates their faith in Dubai’s real estate market and significantly boosts the local economy with their stupendous transactions.


1. Is the Dubai Golden Visa worth it?

Living in the UAE, holders of Golden Visas enjoy substantial tax benefits. The UAE offers its citizens certain tax benefits in addition to not having a personal income tax. Residency in the UAE is granted to holders of an accepted UAE Golden Visa, along with their spouse and children, regardless of age.

2. Are Indians buying Dubai luxury real estate?

In this year’s second and third quarters, Indians surpassed other nationalities to become the most significant investors in Dubai’s real estate market. The change in rankings can be ascribed to Indian consumers looking for Golden Visa eligibility and higher rates of return on their investments.

3. Why are Indians investing in the Dubai property market?

Indian investors can enjoy security and transparency thanks to Dubai’s political and economic stability. Due to Dubai’s lack of income tax and strict rules protecting property owners, your investment returns will grow more quickly.

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