Dubai’s Unbuilt Penthouse Fetches Record-Breaking $136 Million Sale

  • 5 months ago

Dubai Penthouses sets an exemplary standard by discussing the height of sophistication, style, wealth, and unmatched appeal. Set apart by incredible features that redefine luxury, these homes are the pinnacle of elegance. The strong demand for these coveted properties only serves to increase their appeal. Dubai penthouses are an excellent investment option in addition to being a status symbol. In the city’s dynamic real estate market, Dubai penthouses are the most alluring and potentially lucrative option for those looking to add a dash of glamour and prosperity to their investment portfolio.

Luxury penthouses in Dubai are a magnificent way to level up your investment game.

Best Developer of Penthouse in Dubai Gaining Public Interest with Record-Breaking Sale

With its iconic buildings, Nakheel, a well-known force in architecture and development, has permanently altered Dubai’s skyline and cemented its standing as a forward-thinking influence on the city’s landscape. The artificial archipelago World, the Dubai Water Canal, Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, and Palm Deir are some of its most famous constructions. These landmarks represent Dubai’s aspirations, inventiveness, and architectural wonders.

It is undoubtedly the best real estate developer, with stunning projects featuring mesmerising penthouses in Dubai. Notably, Nakheel supports cultural and recreational endeavours by extending its impact outside the field of real estate development, as per the Khaleej Times.

The Record-Breaking Penthouse in Dubai – Como Residences

The Como Residences Penthouse in Dubai was sold by Nakheel for an incredible $136.2 million (AED 500 million), propelling it to the top of the list of the most expensive properties ever sold. This record-breaking Sale of an off-plan property in Dubai has increased the city’s enchantingly stellar image for luxurious real estate. This outstanding accomplishment highlights the unparalleled elegance and exclusivity connected with a great location. It is a tribute to the appeal of Palm Jumeirah, where the 21,949 square foot penthouse is located, as per Arabian Business.

With investment purchases on this luxurious building totalling more than $500 million, the Como Residences project has become a real estate success story. One more factor enhancing its value is the architectural collaboration of Nakheel and Benjelloun Pipe for this stunning 71-storey marvel. The incredible achievement speaks to the sophisticated taste of investors looking for a fusion of luxury penthouses in Dubai with great architecture.

Achievement Recognition for Being the Costliest Penthouse in Dubai

The Como Residences Penthouse in Dubai is currently the third most expensive property in the World of luxury real estate, behind the astronomically expensive Penthouse B at One Hyde Park in London, valued at $247 million as per CNBC. The even more astonishing Odeon Tower Penthouse in Monaco is valued at $400 million as per the Pursuitist. This worldwide distinction places The Como Residences Penthouse among the finest residences globally and highlights the exceptional value placed on Dubai’s premium properties.

A few months ago, an apartment on the top floor of the Marsa Al Arab Hotel sold for $114 million (AED 420 million), setting a new record for the highest-priced selling of a penthouse in Dubai.

Enticing Amenities & Features of Como Residences Penthouse in Dubai

The penthouse at Como Residences is an unmatched haven in the centre of Dubai’s wealthy real estate market with the following enticing amenities as mentioned in Arabian Business:

  • With its unique feature of an incredible infinity pool that smoothly encircles the whole 360-degree perimeter, it is ready to redefine the pinnacle of luxury living
  • In addition to promising a visual extravaganza, this distinctive design provides inhabitants with an unmatched panoramic perspective of the Dubai metropolis, providing an immersive experience
  • The penthouse’s appeal is further enhanced by the infinity pool’s well-placed design, which offers owners expansive views of the bustling Dubai Marina district
  • The luxury penthouse is 21,949 square feet in size, with five bedrooms and a private elevator for further protection
  • A state-of-the-art home automation system is also installed in the penthouse, giving inhabitants easy control over a variety of environmental features
  • The magnificently shining floor enjoys impressive views of the city skyline to ceiling windows
The fabulous amenities of Como Residences penthouses in Dubai are enticing for the luxury property seekers


Investing in Dubai penthouses provides a unique way to improve your investing game significantly. In addition to providing a singular investment opportunity, these homes’ record-breaking features and breathtaking characteristics also serve as a tribute to the city’s dedication to luxury and innovation. Adding Dubai penthouses to your real estate portfolio gives it a luxurious touch. It puts your money at the top of the market, making it an innovative and profitable enterprise in the ever-changing Dubai property market.


1. How many Dubai penthouses are in the Dubai Property Market?

In addition to apartments and mansions, Statista predicted that the emirate of Dubai would have 743 thousand residential units available in 2022, including a remarkable amount of Dubai penthouses.

2. What is the average cost of buying Dubai penthouses?

A penthouse in Dubai usually costs AED 30 million, a lot of money. Even so, an investor may easily purchase them using Dubai Property Market’s efficient payment plan, which only requires a set down payment and manageable instalments. 

3. What are the cheapest areas to buy luxury Dubai penthouses?

Arjan, Al Furjan, and JVC Jumeirah Village Circle are the most economical places to purchase reasonably priced penthouses in Dubai. If newcomers want a cheap home in Dubai, they should buy penthouses in these neighbourhoods.

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