Is Buyback Scheme in the Luxury Property Market Making a Buzz in the UAE?

  • 5 months ago

The Dubai luxury property market is elevating its success rate by incorporating different measures to provide the best possibility to investors. Dubai penthouses are an eclectic property choice for gaining beneficial returns. The constant integration of current trends and values to increase the living experience and gain a profitable outcome has led to maximum high transactions with the state’s real estate spectrum. It is about the development and transformation of new ideas to balance in harmony to attract investors globally. Many developers and business firms have adopted and granted new ways for investors to gain a profitable outcome from their investments.  

Investors’ Buzzing Faith with Buyback Scheme

Outstanding real estate investments of AED 2.4 billion as per Business Outreach shows the elevating interest of investors in the property market. These numbers are expected to reach more in the coming years due to property and dealing advancements which will become a driving force to surpass these transacted numbers. Thanks to the government and other organisations implementing ease for property seekers and developers for giving stunning ways to make property investments efficiently.  

The buyback scheme for luxury property in Dubai has escalated the charm of investing in real estate surprisingly. But before moving towards the impact created by the buyback scheme we will tell you about what buyback is and how it works.

What is the Buyback Scheme in Real Estate?

A buyback scheme is the most proficient way of reselling your property efficiently. It is an agreement made with the developer after the property purchase that in the mentioned time frame if the buyer sells the property then the developer will buy it. The time duration is approximately five years depending on the agreement. This way the investor who has just bought the property is assured that on selling time, a good profit will be gained as per the agreement made with the developer. It gives the investor a guarantee for a profitable selling of their property and gains a good profit.

Developer Announcing High ROI & Buyback Option for Investors!

Due to the expanding economic activity in Dubai South, Jebel Ali, and Al Maktoum International Airport, Dugasta Properties have announced an amazing buyback scheme with other important and benefitting features. Dugusta Properties have announced the launch of its Winter Deal, which offers a 50% guaranteed return in five years as per Zawya. Following are the major features of buyback deals offered by the Dugusta Properties

  • A 50% return on investment is promised for the first five years after purchasing a residence in Al Haseen Residences
  • Due to Dugasta’s five-year service charge exemption, buyers can save a lot of money
  • After five years, Al-Haseen Residences offers a 100% buy-back option
  • Flexible financing solutions from Dugasta make purchasing easier without putting a strain on finances
  • No service fees for the first five years, and a 100% buyback option at the end of the five years at the current Al Haseen Residences

Impact of Buyback’ on the Investors

Investing on the basis of buyback scheme brings guaranteed sale expectancy with higher profits.

The UAE’s real estate buyback program has changed the game, drawing in buyers and investors from all over the world to take advantage of the remarkable real estate prospects the area has to offer. This creative strategy has raised interest by providing buyers and investors with a distinct and safe route. When carefully included in real estate agreements, the buyback option has created a new and assured way for people to sell their houses for a profit. This alluring opportunity guarantees investors that the time invested in the initial purchase agreement with the developer will yield a profitable return.

It is the major reason for enhancing the appeal of the UAE real estate market and making it a unique location. Investing in luxury properties in Dubai based on a buyback plan guarantees the investor receives the maximum profitable gain. Therefore, the numbers of property transactions are expected to rise at a significant glance making the real estate canvas more reliable and profitable.


The charm of the UAE property market has always been the most discussed and headlined for its various features enhancing its reputation. The excellent portfolio giving the best real estate deals in Dubai for investors worldwide and devising efficient ways to own private property for sale with amazing down payment and easy instalments make the market flourish significantly. The revival of the buyback scheme for luxury properties in Dubai has elevated once again the flux of property investors in the Emirates. The strategic way for the investors to gain a huge percentage of profit, the buyback scheme proves to be an outstanding one.


1. Is buying Dubai penthouses on buyback beneficial for the investors?

Due to the high demand for these opulent property options, the buyback scheme is found to be much better for the investors, as they can live in their elite Dubai penthouses for a period and then sell out gaining a good profit. As the developer will buy the property at a higher price than quoted, on other hand, the seller benefits from the amount which late can be invested to buy another luxury property in Dubai.

2. Is buyback a good option for investors?

The buyback scheme allows investors to sell their property to the owner or the development from which they have bought it at a higher price. It gives the investor much appreciation in terms of gaining a good amount which later can be used for another investment.

3. What is a 1% tax on buyback?

Internal Revenue Code Section 4501, which charges a 1% excise tax on certain stock repurchases of publicly listed US firms made after December 31, 2022, was enacted by the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

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