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Penthouse in Dubai | A Perfect Chance of Content Living

The epitome of lavish living and reflecting style is possible with a penthouse in Dubai. If you wish to live with grandeur and ultra-comfort long-term, a penthouse in Dubai will be a significant source. The stay in the city of ultra-modernity and comfort comes with several options for acquiring a residency visa. It is a policy to obtain a residency visa to commence the mode of supreme living. A penthouse in Dubai grants a platform that helps you buy one and get a residency visa. The article is specifically proposed for you to obtain detailed information about getting a residency visa.

Buy a Penthouse in Dubai to Acquire a Residency Visa

There are excellent opportunities for investors and clientele worldwide to commence their businesses in Dubai’s magnificent real estate realm. The property sector is gigantic as it has a plethora of property variables like villas, malls, offices, residence complexes and penthouse in Dubai. To live on the premises, you must get a residency visa for a legal living, saving you from hefty fines and legal issues. Buy a penthouse in Dubai, as it is one of the best sources of getting a residency visa. Although, many other property options will grant you the same. But a luxury penthouse in Dubai offers tranquillity and a residency visa.  


Residency Visa in Dubai

A mode of hassle-free living for investors who want to stay in Dubai long-term, a residency visa is essential for providing the factor. There are many ways of getting a residency visa in Dubai for a certain period, like two, five, and ten years. It comes with buying a property in Dubai for a particular amount required for the tenure of living. The longer you want the residency visa, the more you have to invest in buying a property. Following are the basic requirements, such as the property’s worth for a particular time and benefits.

  • Obtain a 2 to 3-year residency visa with a property investment of AED 750,000 US$ 204,000
  • Obtain a five-year residency visa with a property investment of AED 5 million US$ 1.34 million
  • Obtain a ten-year residency visa, also known as a “Golden Visa”, with a property investment of AED 10 million US$ 2,722,570

5 Best to Buy Penthouses in Dubai to Get a Residency Visa

To get a residency visa in Dubai, the city will grant you maximum opportunities with stunning properties and mind-blowing features. As the city’s boosting economy and being one of the safest places on earth to live in, tax-free environment and serenity in living. Investing in the state is a sound way to get a resourceful future. The best option is to buy a luxury penthouse in Dubai to secure a residency visa. Following the list, you will get the best luxury penthouse in Dubai.  

1. The Residence | Burj Khalifa

It is one of the most unique and luxury penthouses in Dubai, situated in the world’s tallest building. You can get The Residence’s penthouse in the prime location of the city in Downtown Dubai. It is where clientele thrives to get a property in this region due to its vastness in the retail and shopping sector and most accessible conveyance mode, which will swiftly transport you throughout the city. Due to the higher price, you can get a residency visa (Golden Visa) of up to ten years. Four spacious bedrooms and stunning views of the city from floor-to-ceiling windows will heighten the way of living.

buy luxury penthouse in Dubai with The Residence at Burj Khalifa.

2. Vela Residences

You will get a luxury penthouse in Dubai with five stunning bedrooms with Vela Residences. The location gives you access to prime ventures such as parks, jogging tracks, supermarkets, and fabulous entertainment options. The penthouse in Dubai by Vela Residences is designed to transcend you to a serene space where your goals of living with grandeur will be projected on your life. Due to supreme quality and location, the price of this luxury penthouse is high, and it will grant you a ten-year residency visa.

stunning view of the city with penthouse in Dubai by Vela Residences.

3. Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences

Burj Binghatti’s penthouse in Dubai is a façade decorated with geometrical edges and delicate lines that evoke the pulchritude of angles. It is a splendour of breathtaking design aesthetics and a feature of the well-executed architectural design. As a result, you’ll want to buy this opulent penthouse in Dubai. The Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences offers the peace you seek. This is the most stunning project to buy a luxury penthouse in Dubai.

Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences provide excellent deals to buy penthouse in Dubai

4. Six Senses

If you want to buy a penthouse in Dubai near the beach, you can choose Six Senses, which is located in a prominent location. The Six Senses project is located in Palm Jumeirah. It gives access to the incredible views of waterfronts, yachts, and the area’s natural vibes, making it a desirable place to live. It houses 121 penthouses with stunning amenities. The project’s design is highly admirable, considering every apartment has access to beautiful views with balconies and terraces, so investing in any of the penthouses will be worth it.

buy luxury penthouse in Dubai with Six Senses to enjoy the premium living.

5. Liv lux

The fantastic choice of location, which is nestled between the beach and Dubai Marina, makes them a popular investment choice for penthouses in Dubai. The supreme feature of this luxury penthouse in Dubai is the private art gallery where you can showcase your favourite pieces and keep them safe. The other fantastic part is the dining areas on the terraces, where you can enjoy a delicious meal while gazing at the vivid views of the city. Liv Lux is a perfect option to buy a penthouse in Dubai.

Liv Lux is the best option to buy a luxury penthouse in Dubai.


If you want to reside in a tranquil place, buy a luxury penthouse for sale in Dubai. The investment has been made more accessible by the laws and regulations for foreigners, as they can get residency visas by investing in the property of Dubai. The detail for getting two to ten years of residency visa has been discussed. With fewer options discussed to get a luxury penthouse in Dubai, you can choose easily as per your property requirements.

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