Wealthy Investors Set to Inject $4.4bn in Luxury Real Estate i Dubai by 2024

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Skyrocketing demand is outshining the supply due to the government incentives, exceptional infrastructure and cutting-edge technology to face the economic headwinds. Besides the interest of the capitalist and the investor is also making Dubai real estate exceptionally well-performing. Luxury real estate in Dubai is all set to unleash its full potential as capitalists are set to inject the forecasted amount of $4.4 billion in mega properties. This investment is led by the high demand and different government initiatives that support the investors.

Top Insights of HNWIs Investing $4.4 Billion in Luxury Real Estate in Dubai

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Let’s have a deeper look at Dubai luxury real estate to know more about the decision taken by HNWIs, to invest $4.4 billion which will become a magnet for Global wealth in 2024.

Demand for The Ultra-Rich

As reported by a trustworthy source, the investment of $4.4 billion is driven by the extraordinary demand for luxury homes. This investment is 76% higher as compared to the last year. Regardless of the appreciated prices in the emirates, the ultra-rich continue to demand with a stable trend.

Spending Pattern in Dubai Real-estate

According to the credible report HNWIs from the GCC region are planning to spend about $3.1 million on average on a house in Dubai.

Besides, the ultra-rich are planning to invest approximately $3.6 million on average on a housing unit. This has been reported by the interviews of 317 wealthy individuals with an average net worth of $20 million and $8 million in the Gulf region.

Escalating Interest in Dubai Real-Estate

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One of the heads of department in a real-estate research department said:

“Interest in financing in Dubai is very extraordinary, among those with $2 to $5 million, 28% have an interest in Dubai real estate. This curiosity jumps to 70% for those worth more than $15 million.”

Diversification of the Economy

The overall growth of the UAE market is also supported by the economic diversity besides the financing option.

Luxury penthouses in Dubai and other properties hit the ground-breaking record of sales of $10 million plus homes. This transaction is nearly doubled to $7.6 billion. This progress of the real estate of Dubai has outperformed the real estate of New York and London.

Influx of High-Net-Worth-Individuals

The capitalists in Dubai are focusing on injecting capital into luxury real estate including Dubai luxury penthouses and apartments, as they are aware of the trend and upcoming benefits.

Another reason for investment being made by the HNWIs is the massive influx of them in Dubai. Individuals are coming to Emirates from the other locations leading to a demand for the property.

According to the head of research and consulting firm:

“In 2022, Dubai ranked as the top place for HNWI migration, and in 2023, it ranked second,”

She said citing Henley’s Private Wealth Migration report.

“This year, the global migration of HNWIs is expected to grow by 5 per cent related to 2023, with 128,000 HNWI migrants, and a noteworthy portion is likely to move to Dubai. Besides migration trends, there is a steady increase in financiers buying ultra-prime properties as second homes.”

New and Exquisite Launches


Property developers in Dubai are launching new projects amid the surging demand of the properties for luxury real estate in Dubai.

These new projects and launches attracted more development and investment from the capitalists.  The amenities in these projects include ponds, greenways, parks, wellness centres and other aspects.

One of the latest projects includes Emaar Properties which is one of the biggest listed developers in Dubai. The developer launched the development worth AED 55 billion near Al Maktoum International Airport.

The announcement of the new airport development worth $35 billion also sparked the developer’s decision to invest in this area.

Demand for the Luxury property

The demand for ready properties has increased and doubled with worth over AED 30 million, since 2022. This demand for the property remained stable. With the population of Dubai hitting the 5.8 million mark in 2040, the demand for the metropolis will require around 54,440 new homes. As a high number of individuals want to buy a luxury penthouse in Dubai the developers need to fulfil the demand and be beneficial for the investors.


Luxury real estate in Dubai is booming as the individual of High Net Worth individuals are planning to invest about $4.4 billion in the market. This investment is not beneficial only for the buyers but will attract foreign wealth and contribute significantly to the economy. Some of the drivers highlighted that led to this massive investment include high demand, new property launches and economic stability.

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